March Madness in San Jose

It’s that time of year again for madness! March Madness has been coming to San Jose for years, and it has officially completed another successful year of NCAA College Basketball playoff games. The games were played at the SAP, home of the San Jose Sharks, and featured teams like Virginia Tech, Oregon, Liberty, University of California Irvine, Wisconsin and Mississippi State.

San Jose is the perfect place to host this college basketball playoff because it has plenty of local businesses to take on the type of tourism that comes with this sporting event.

One of my favorite spots to enjoy the thrills of March Madness is The Farmer’s Union. This bar and grill is located just a few blocks from the SAP center on W. Santa Clara and S. San Pedro St. It’s known for a historic hub for beer and comfort cuisine. It has plenty of seating with good views of TV’s that are spread out around the bar. The Farmer’s Union has a 4.2 Google Review rating with over 900 reviews.

Another great spot in downtown San Jose to hang out during all the madness is Rookies Sports Lodge Downtown SJ. This place is Spacious, light-filled watering hole offering American eats, tap brews & huge TVs for sports fans.

Didn’t I say it was a great spot?

What more could you ask for when enjoying March Madness games? Rookies also has a great online reputation with a 4.1 Google Review rating with nearly 300 Google reviews.

Parking is an absolute nightmare in downtown San Jose during this time of March Madness. It should be expected with people traveling hundreds-thousands of miles to catch the basketball games. It’s best to park a few block away from the SAP center at a local parking garage or hotel and pay $5-$20 for parking, depending on the spot.

With just a few blocks to get to the game, many people walk and tour San Jose leading up to the game, but everyone’s favorite way of getting around was using the rental electric scooters that are located at different charging docks.

With all the events going on during March Madness at downtown San Jose, our local towing company wishes everyone the best of time, but we also ask that you make smart and safe decisions while drinking. Please do not endanger yourself, or the lives of others by getting behind the wheel intoxicated. Instead, give us a call for a ride to your car, or use Uber or Lyft to safely get to your destination.

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