All About Towing in San Jose, California

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Owning a towing company is a tough job and not for the lazy.  Becoming a tow truck driver usually means that you’re operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because its a service that is needed at all times throughout the day and night.  

Towing San Jose CA is no different because the residents of San Jose are frequently commuting throughout the city in congested traffic. Where there is more traffic, there are more accidents or possible breakdowns that may occur, which means more people will need some sort of towing service.

Here are what make some of the best San Jose towing services that local towing companies can offer its residents.

24 Hour Towing

Needing a tow comes unexpectedly.  You never planned for it to happen, it just did.  Whether it’s 2pm in the afternoon, or 2am in the morning, your vehicle could break down at any moment without you knowing.  That’s why it’s important to have a 24 hour towing company in San Jose in your back pocket for the occasional late night roadside assistance.

Late night towing in San Jose is a frequent request because people are always commuting from one place to another in this highly congested city in the bay area.  San Jose is home to over 1 million people, and this densely populated area sees more people driving on the roads than any other city in all of California. Whether people are driving home after working night shift, or people are passing through San Jose on their family vacation, there is hardly a time when the roads are open and traffic doesn’t exist.

Some of the best 24 hour towing companies in San Jose will relieve you of possible stress induced panic attacks as you await for help in areas that you may not feel comfortable being in.  There are many different roads in San Jose, and not all of them are safe for people to be driving on. Whether it’s because of the surrounding neighborhoods or underdeveloped construction, some San Jose roads are to be avoided at all cost, especially if you are stuck on the side without a functioning vehicle.

If you’re going to be traveling through San Jose on vacation, or you are new to the city, use a map to know exactly what roads you will be taking while operating your vehicle.  Make sure these roads are in safe areas and are accessible by any sized vehicle. Know your safe route for traveling and stick to it no matter what. While deciding what route to take, you also must plan for gas, food, and any other necessary stops that you may need to take while commuting.  This will help avoid further problems and complications if your vehicle does decide to quit on you when you least expect it.

Fast Towing Services

Needing a tow is probably one of the biggest inconvenience for people who are commuting from one place to another.  Your vehicle breaks down when you least expect it, and your stranded on the side of the road waiting for someone to assist you.  This is why it’s important to find a towing company in San Jose that can arrive within minutes.

Towing companies must know the San Jose traffic like the back of their hand and have an idea of possible alternative routes to take to arrive at the destination in a timely manner.  The congested traffic of San Jose can cause a tow company precious minutes if not accounted for. It may not always be best to jump on HWY 101 to get from San Jose to Sunnyvale, or even sneak on HWY 880 for a trip from Milpitas to downtown San Jose.  Understanding the traffic of San Jose and properly navigating the roads is an absolute must for local towing companies in San Jose to provide fast and immediate towing services.

The time of day will greatly affect how fast a towing company can arrive to the site.  Obviously if someone is requesting a tow at 5pm on the side of HWY 101, then they can expect the towing company to take a little longer than usual to arrive.  5 o’clock gridlock in San Jose on HWY 101 is not something anyone wants to be apart of because sometimes it can take 30 minutes just to travel 1 mile. As a customer, understanding the situation and the time of day will set the right expectations for how soon a towing company should arrive to your vehicle.

Heavy Duty Towing

Towing companies that can offer heavy duty towing in San Jose will save a lot of people unwanted headaches.  Heavy duty towing is a popular request because of the large commercial trucks, tractors, forklifts that partake in the hustle and bustle of San Jose traffic.  Many tourists also make their travel plans through San Jose and you’ll often see RVs and motorhomes needing roadside assistance from time to time.

Without heavy duty towing in San Jose, many of these vehicles would be without help if they happen to break down and start working.  Typically, the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the problems, which makes heavy duty towing in San Jose inevitable for people operating big rigs throughout the San Jose streets.  

This heavy lifting will require a different towing truck on scene to effectively and safely load the vehicle on to the bed.  Tow trucks that are fit for the regular commuters do not have the right equipment to handle big rigs, and are not capable of carrying that type of weight from one location to the next.  Towing companies use their own big rigs to help safely relocate your big rig to a specialized auto shop that can operate on these specialized vehicles.

Advice from Towing San Jose

With nearly 1.7 million vehicles registered in San Jose and all of Santa Clara County, you can expect a number of these vehicles needing towing services every single day.  The amount of people driving in San Jose is not declining either, which means more and more people are hitting the road. What we expect to happen with more people on the road are more accidents and a greater possibility of vehicles breaking down at some point while commuting.  

Although the amount of vehicles on the road is what’s keeping local towing companies in business, it’s also damaging our environment with the excessive amounts of CO2 that are emitting into our atmosphere.  

We understand that alternate means of transportation is not always possible, but we do advise carpooling, biking, or even walking in San Jose if it’s appropriate.  Who would have thought, a towing company advising you to use your car less…

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